Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sheesh !! What is it with yeast powder in this house? For some reason, my Loved One has dropped powdered yeast all over the kitchen floor.


And not just a little, but about a cup full of the tiny little pellets that roll and bounce and get all over....

Then they are cleaned up - sort of. In secret. Until I walk in and just happen to glance down and see puddles of the yellow powder in several places over the floor. This is AFTER it has been 'cleaned'.

There has to be something in the odour that makes the containers 'jump' from her hands and fall to the floor.

Anyway, it has been cleaned up, again, and we shall await the next installment in the yeast powder saga.

1 comment:

Hypatia Voom said...

Huh! I object.... what did you drop so well..... hmmmmm: your dirty DIRTY boy