Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If an 9yr old gets it, why don’t the airlines?

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If an 9yr old gets it, why don’t the airlines?

This quote is great! As is the rest of the post from a favourite blogger, Mediamum, that I follow. She is an Australian Mum that is now living in the US, and writes about her life experiences. And she writes well. And she can tie a jelly snake into a knot using only her tongue. Really!

This post that I am linking to is about her experiences with airlines, and particularly with a trip from Australia to the US.

You just have to sympathise with her, but cheer for her ideas and comments.

Such as :

Sheesh. I wonder who’s more precious? My kids completely expecting video on demand in their seats, or these airline staff who seem to think we owe them something more than the price of a ticket.

Instead of focusing on leg room, loyalty programs and discount prices, it would be great to see an airline focus on really going beyond the call of duty to make your flight the best you’ve ever had. If an airline marketed to mothers, they’d see these women are the decision makers, who travel with their families (more ticket sales), and to be honest, it’s the simple things like offering a pair of hands when needed that will make a mother like you more.

Or maybe that’s just too hard. Too much to ask.

Take a moment and read the full posting, and I bet that you will agree with her ideas.

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